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We all hope that our gearbox can keep in good working condition, even if it is broken, we also hope that the maintenance fees can be reduced. The fundamental way to reduce maintenance costs is to grasp the precursors of gearbox failures, so that unnecessary maintenance can be avoided. What was the performance of the automatic transmission before it went wrong? Now Jinan automatic transmission maintenance personnel will answer for you.
1. Gearbox fault light prompt and alarm: This condition generally refers to the failure of electronic control unit or mechanical unit in the gearbox. The former may have false prompts, which only require professional processing of data, and will not harm the transmission hardware. The cost is limited to labor costs. The fault light prompt is also occasional, sometimes there will be a lock, especially when accelerating, which will lead to the car stalling, which will be dangerous. Therefore, in case of alarm prompt, it is necessary to go to the professional maintenance center for inspection as soon as possible.
2. Slipping: When the accelerator is pressed, the engine speed will increase and the speed will not increase. Especially when the car is out of the basement and climbing overhead, it is obvious. Initial symptoms are sporadic. If the driving habits are good and the car is not old, many problems may be caused by the transmission oil. At this time, the gearbox is not damaged. It can be solved by changing the oil. Another possibility is that the clutch disc, brake and piston do not match with each other, resulting in slipping. In this case, you should find a professional maintenance organization to check as soon as possible.
3. Stuttering: The car feels bumpy when shifting up and down, or feels stuck when accelerating. At the initial stage, it may be that the solenoid valve is abnormal and the oil pressure cannot be adjusted normally. Most of the oil is deteriorated and the solenoid valve is damaged due to wear of the valve channel. At the initial stage, only the solenoid valve needs to be replaced, and the price is not expensive. If the wear becomes more serious in the later period, the impurities in the gearbox will further damage the valve core, causing serious damage. If it is serious, the valve body needs to be replaced, and the maintenance cost will be expensive.
4. Shift delay; In some cars, the shift delay is caused by the insufficient oil pressure due to the deterioration of the oil. In many cases, the problem can be solved by changing the transmission oil. Some cars are born with design defects, which are easy to occur after 100000 km. The main reason is that the oil pressure is not enough due to the wear of mechanical parts such as aluminum drums and wave plates. This problem needs to be checked in time.
5. Abnormal noise: abnormal noise occurs after the car is driven, which may be caused by excessive bearing force of gears or bearings in the gearbox or poor material of the car itself, or it may be caused by the lack of smooth contact surface of some metal parts. In this case, timely inspection and maintenance should be carried out, otherwise the damaged area will be expanded.
6. High temperature of the transmission: usually during driving, the instrument panel prompts that the transmission temperature is too high. If there is a prompt, it indicates that the temperature has reached more than 120 degrees. In one case, multiple groups of friction elements in the gearbox work at the same time, resulting in high temperature. In this case, the vehicle must be stopped to cool down naturally, otherwise the friction elements in the gearbox will be quickly damaged. The other case is that the radiator pipe of the transmission is blocked and cannot dissipate heat, which requires maintenance.
7. Engine stalling after gear is engaged: the one-way clutch in the torque converter is stuck, which cannot play a one-way torque increasing role. This situation usually happens occasionally, but it needs to be checked and handled by a professional maintenance organization as soon as possible.
We have summarized seven kinds of problems above, and any kind of problem can develop into multiple problems if ignored. Maintenance costs for various problems are naturally raised. Therefore, we should seize the right time to deal with the signs of gearbox failure. Some may be improved by changing the oil, while others require a professional maintenance organization to deal with them. More relevant content will come to our website http://www.jnbsx.com Ask and understand!

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