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Automatic transmission maintenance requires different corresponding measures based on the different reactions of the car. The general maintenance process for Jinan automatic transmission maintenance is as follows:
Before disassembling the automatic transmission
Before disassembling an automatic transmission, it is important to check if there is a corresponding automatic transmission model in stock. It is not recommended to disassemble it immediately when there is no guarantee of sufficient vulnerable and replacement parts. You can first drain the transmission oil, remove the USB flash drive, and inspect the impurities in the residual oil of the vehicle. Under normal circumstances, if there is a dark brown or dead powder, it indicates the wear of the clutch plate, and if there is a bright white metal powder, it indicates the wear of the oil pump, one-way clutch, and gear mechanism, in order to further determine the fault of the vehicle
When disassembling the automatic transmission
Due to the limitations of the shape and position of the vehicle floor, directly removing the gearbox from the rear of the engine often appears to lack space. A reliable solution is to lift it together with the engine from the vehicle. When the automatic transmission is pulled away from the engine, it should be pulled along the axial direction, and the gear should rotate in the clockwise and reverse directions around the axis, but it should not swing up, down, left and right to avoid damaging the surface condition and matching of the connection ratio between the input shaft of the automatic transmission and the Fluid coupling or torque converter
3. Disassembly and assembly of automatic transmission
Firstly, prepare tools and small boxes to hold various parts, and disassemble them on a clean and flat operating platform. Starting from the front oil pump, gradually proceed from the outside to the inside, and keep records. When disassembling, it is important to remember not to use crowbars and iron tools to directly strike, as most automatic transmission casings are made of aluminum alloy.
When disassembling the hydraulic control valve body, it is necessary to prevent the balls, snap rings, etc. from falling off the ground during the separation of the upper and lower valve bodies. The correct position should be accurately remembered. When disassembling the one-way clutch, attention should be paid to the correct assembly direction, and the assembly should not be reversed. After disassembling the parts, they should be cleaned with gasoline to ensure the cleanliness of all components. If replacing the clutch and brake pads with new ones, they should be soaked in transmission oil and can only be assembled after sufficient oil is absorbed.
In addition, it must be noted that the failure of the automatic transmission is mostly caused by the improper use of the owner when tightening the screws in strict accordance with the specified torque during assembly. For example, the owner thinks that the Automatic transmission fluid does not need to be replaced, and the automatic transmission does not pay attention to water ingress.
It is important to use the vehicle correctly during normal driving. If there are any problems with the vehicle, it must be promptly sent to a professional company for inspection and repair to avoid causing major problems! For more related matters, come to our website http://www.jnbsx.com consulting service

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